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Film Review: 

Kartiker Biye is a 2010 Bengali film, based on a story and screenplay by noted author Shaktipada Rajguru has been directed by Debdas Acharya. The storyline is not only cliché but also passé, beaten to death by writers and filmmakers across the country since history. But a good director and a strong screenplay can make even a boring story quite interesting and exciting if some Bengalimainstream filmmaker’s work can be offered as examples. Sadly,Kartiker Biye has no quality that can redeem it from turning out to be a big disappointment.

Kartik (Vivek Trivedi) is the nephew of Bhabatarini (Shakuntala Barua), the wife of the very rich but very miserly Ramgoti Chakraborty. Kartik looks after Ramgoti’s business interests. Ramgoti and Bhabatarini are childless so Bhabatarini loves very much. But Kartik is in love with Rajani (Simran) who is the daughter of the village astrologer Keshab Haldar (Paran Bandopadhyay). But this man is not happy with his daughter’s choice. He has already arranged a match between Rajani and Ramgoti’s older brother’s son Dibyagati (Premjit). The film ends on the predictable ‘happily every after’ note making no new contribution whatsoever to contemporary Bengali cinema. The only positive note in the film lies in its songs penned by Debaprasad Chakraborty and set to music by veteran music director Mrinal Banerjee. Shankar Guha’s camera work and Jayanta Laha’s editing are in keeping with the film’s inferior quality and weak story. Paran Bandopadhyay does his bit in a cameo. Of the three youngsters, Premjit leaves some impression, Vivek Trivedi in the title role looks good, shows promise but little hard work while Simran with her deadpan expression and voice is no good.
What can one say about a film as dull and as boring as Kartikey Biye? Even the word ‘biye’ meaning marriage, does not carry the argument any further than the title of the film.

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01. Se Jodi Duyare Ese
02. Konodino Ami Tomake Harabo
03. Kichu Kichu Anuraag
04. Joy Baba Lokenath
05. Nijhum Raat Mayabi Raat
06. Kartik Preme Poreche


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